Dawn ​Lucas

Integrative Arts Psychotherapy

About me

My name is Dawn (she / them) & I am a social activist art therapist ​providing arts psychotherapy & sex positive therapy to adults in ​West & SouthWest London.

At the heart of my therapeutic work, I am grounded in integrative & ​humanistic theoretical approaches & a trauma-informed lens.

I specialise with individuals with complex presentations & trauma.

The majority of my work is with marginalised & stigmatised ​individuals / communities (forensic mental health, LGBTIA+ & sex ​workers).

My aim for your therapy is to co-create a space where you can be ​your authentic self, feeling seen, heard & understood - no matter the ​issue or theme you bring.

MA Integrative Arts Psychotherapy (Adult)

Arts Psychotherapy

The arts are an alternative approach to traditional talking therapy & ​can provide a deeper insight when it is hard to find the words for ​your experiences and feelings.

In my sessions, the seven art forms are available for you;

  • Art
  • Sand-play
  • Music
  • Bodywork / Movement
  • Poetry
  • Sculpture / Clay
  • Drama / Puppetry

To help familiarise yourself with art materials, I will gently guide you ​to different media to find the most fitting way to explore your inner ​& outer world.

No previous experience or artistic skill with the arts are needed.

sex-positive therapy

In additional to my art psychotherapy approach, I also provide

sex-positive therapy & work with sexual problems.

Using a bio-psycho-social theoretical model, I can provide ​supportive therapeutic interventions to the following areas;

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Sexual identity
  • Queer sex
  • Kink, Fetish and BDSM practices (RACK informed)
  • Compulsive sexual behaviours

I can also combine my art psychotherapy practice to provide ​artistic ways to explore the above areas.

Professional certificate in Psychosexual Therapy - CICS

(Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology)

sex worker

friendly therapist

I fully support sex worker rights, safety & decriminalisation of

sex work.

I provide low-cost therapy to sex workers (short / long term).

I have availability to take on NUM funded therapy packages for

sex workers (x 3 free therapy sessions).

For more information visit the National Ugly Mugs website and ​contact the casework team.

social activist therapist

Social lens in individual therapy

Therapy is political & I do not shy away from social topics in ​therapy. I recognise the collective distress from global injustices, ​capitalism, mental health issues, social & cultural oppression may ​affect you in many areas of your life.

I believe therapy is a great way to explore feelings about your own ​social injustices, by finding ways to resource yourself & manage the ​discomfort / hardships this may bring.

Through this exploration you may find ethical & creative ways to ​express this outside the therapy room too.

Freelance social injustice art workshops

I provide a creative space for communities & companies, ​facilitating groups to share your voices & experiences about the ​world today using the arts & finding ways to support important ​social causes out in your local community & beyond.




Suitable for people looking ​for triage style session ​around their current ​circumstances, to empower ​& resource self.

This might be two sessions, ​depending on individual ​circumstances. This is also a ​good way to see if I am the ​right therapist for you.


6-12 weeks

Suitable for people with a ​specific ‘issue’, situation or ​feeling they would like to

focus on.

This work will be more ​directive, adopting a goal ​orientated outcome at the ​heart of the therapeutic ​work.

long TERM

No end date

Working in an open ended ​way allows for a fluidity in ​your therapy journey, where ​we can work in a deeper

therapeutic way.

This format of therapy is ​often the best fit for those ​who have experienced ​trauma or loss or have ​specific diagnoses e.g. ​CPTSD, chronic pain or ​childhood trauma.


Standard rate

  • £60
  • 50 minute therapy session
  • All art supplies provided free

Low-cost therapy

  • Increasing accessibility to therapy
  • For people not in a financial position to pay ​my standard rate
  • Low-cost fee to be discussed at assessment
  • No proof of income or situation required
  • 50 minute therapy session
  • All art supplies provided free



2 Lion Yard

Tremadoc Road



2-4 Kenway Road



1a Belmont Road


W4 5UL

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